Thursday, 5 February 2015

Most Recently Asked SAP PP Interview Questions and Answers (Part5)

21. What is the output of MPS run ?
From MPS run you plan the materials which are of 'A' type in the abs analysis (80% dollar value) that have to be planned before hand. MPS is also a type of MRP only in which components just below the materials on which MPS run is taken place, are planned. Table for production order status - What is the table for finding status (for Ex TECO end prod orders). We are not able to find from AFKO and AFRU tables the status of production orders or at least the link tables if known can be mentioned. You are unable to link the structure cuffed and IOHEADER WITH AFKO and AFRU. JEST is the table. Data dictionary table for SOP planning data - You are using Standard SOP (Info structure S076), in which table can you see the planning values that you maintained in MC93 transaction? You looked under table "S076" and did not see any values there. Use Tcode MC95 to display your entries under the version which maintained the table S076. Production order operation's component allocation - How does SAP know that an operation has components as indicated by the component allocation indicator? Tcode CO08. Component allocation is done via routing maintenance or BOM maintenance for the assembly. This is master data maintenance. As soon as a PO is created, the master data is read into the PO.
22. How to delete a group of products that was created in screen MC84 ?
Delete the members in the product group and then archive the product group in transaction SARA, object=MM_MATNR. (The product group is created as a material master record with material type PROD and this record is deleted in SARA.)
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