Thursday, 5 February 2015

Most Recent Asked SAP Security Interview Questions and Answers (Part4)

16.What is the difference between role and a profile?
Role and profile go hand in hand. Profile is bought in by a role. Role is used as a template,  where you can add T-codes, reports..Profile is one which gives the user authorization.  When you create a role, a profile is automatically created.

17.What profile versions?
Profile versions are nothing but when u modifies a profile parameter through a RZ10 and generates a new profile is created with a different version and it is stored in the database.

18.What is the use of role templates?
User role templates are predefined activity groups in SAP consisting of transactions, reports and web addresses.

19.What is the different between single role & composite role?
A role is a container that collects the transaction and generates the associated profile.  A composite roles is a container which can collect several different roles

20.Is it possible to change role template? How?
Yes, we can change a user role template.  There are exactly three ways in which we can work with user role templates
- we can use it as they are delivered in sap
- we can modify them as per our needs through pfcg
- we can create them from scratch.
For all the above specified we have to use pfcg transaction to maintain them.
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