Friday, 6 February 2015

Latest SAS Programming Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some important SAS interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11) Which date functions advances a date time or date/time value by a given interval?

12) How we can call macros with in data step?
We can call the macro with CALLSYMPUT

13) In the flow of DATA step processing, what is the first action in a typical DATA Step?
When you submit a DATA step, SAS processes the DATA step and then creates a new SAS data set.( creation of input buffer and PDV)Compilation PhaseExecution Phase

14) How do u identify a macro variable.
Ampersand (&)

15) What are SAS/ACCESS and SAS/CONNECT?
SAS/Access only process through the databases like Oracle, SQL-server, Ms-Access etc. SAS/Connect only use Server connection.
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