Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Latest CCNA Interview Questions and Answers (Page 5)

Below are some important CCNA interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

41. Which field in the IP Packet has network testing?
The network testing is found in IP Options field.

42. How does the Internet layer know how to handle an IP Packet?
The type of service tells it.

43. Identification, flags and frag offset fields of an IP Packet enable differing MTUs by fragmenting datagrams.

44. What is the use of DDR on Cisco Routers?
It is used for dial on demand routing. DDR provides routing for low volume and periodic traffic.

45. Cisco router has two types of access lists.
Standard and Extended

46. What do you know about the UDP Datagram format?
Source Port - 16 bits, Destination Port - 16 bits, Length - 16 Bits, Checksum - 16 bits, Data

47. When using access lists, what does a Cisco router check first?
The cisco routers checks whether the packet is routable or bridgeable

48. How many access lists are allowed per interface?
One Access list per port, per protocol is allowed.

49. What happens if we set a wildcard mask bit to 0 in cisco routers?
The router checks the corresponding bit value.

50. Which abbrevation is used to tell the router to check all numbers?
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