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Java J2EE Interview Questions and Answers for freshers

21. What is authorization?
The process by which access to a method or resource is determined. Authorization depends on the determination of whether the principal associated with a request
through authentication is in a given security role. A security role is a logical grouping of users defined by the person who assembles the application. A deployer maps security roles to security identities.
Security identities may be principals or groups in the operational environment.

22. What is authorization constraint
An authorization rule that determines who is permitted to access a Web resource collection.

23. What is B2B
B2B stands for Business-to-business.

24. What is backing bean
A JavaBeans component that corresponds to a JSP page that includes JavaServer Faces components. The backing bean defines properties for the components on the page
and methods that perform processing for the component. This processing includes event handling, validation, and processing associated with navigation.

25. What is basic authentication
An authentication mechanism in which a Web server authenticates an entity via a user name and password obtained using the Web application's built-in authentication mechanism.

26. What is bean-managed persistence
The mechanism whereby data transfer between an entity bean's variables and a resource manager is managed by the entity bean.

27. What is bean-managed transaction
A transaction whose boundaries are defined by an enterprise bean.

28. What is binding (XML)
Generating the code needed to process a well-defined portion of XML data.

29. What is binding (JavaServer Faces technology)
Wiring UI components to back-end data sources such as backing bean properties.

30. What is build file
The XML file that contains one or more asant targets. A target is a set of tasks you want to be executed.
When starting asant, you can select which targets you want to have executed. When no target is given, the project's default target is executed.
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