Wednesday, 4 February 2015

ibm datastage interview questions and answers pdf (Part3)

21. What is hash file stage?
Hash file stage is binary file used for lookup, for better performance.

22. What is staging variable?
These are the temporary variables created in transformer for calculation.

23. What are Routines?
Routines are the functions which we develop in BASIC Code for required tasks, which we DS is not fully supported (Complex).

24. How do u convert the columns to rows in DataStage?
Using Pivot Stage.

25. What is merge stage?
The Merge stage combines a sorted master data set with one or more sorted update data sets. The columns from the records in the master and update data sets are merged so that the output record contains all the columns from the master record plus any additional columns from each update record.

26. What is datastage designer?
A design interface used to create DataStage applications (known as jobs). Each job specifies the data sources, the transforms required, and the destination of the data. Jobs are compiled to create executables that are scheduled by the Director and run by the Server.

27. What is datastage manager?
A user interface used to view and edit the contents of the repository.

28. What is datastage administrator?
A user interface used to set up DataStage users, create and move projects, and set up purging criteria.

29. What is repository?
A central store that contains all the information required to build a data mart or data warehouse.

30. What is datastage server?
Runs executable jobs that extract, transform, and load data into a data warehouse.
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