Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Experienced Bluetooth Interview Questions and Answers (Page 6)

Below are some important Bluetooth interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.
51. List some Technology characteristic of Bluetooth?
Omni directional, Adaptive output power to minimize interference, Support Synchronous & asynchronous services, Fast Frequency Hopping to avoid interference, Short data packets to maximize capacity during interface.

52. Which method is primarily used for Voice transfer?
Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) is a method primarily used for Voice transfer.

53. What is the strength of the signal transmitted by powerful cell phones?
The powerful cell phones can transmit a signal of 3 watts.

54. What are the other (competing or not) wireless technologies?
Wi-Fi, IrDa, EDGE, UWB (Ultra Wide Band)
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