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client server application testing interview questions and answers (Page 3)

Below are some important Client Server interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

11. What is a Transaction server in client server environment?
With a transaction server, the client invokes remote procedures that reside on the server with an SQL database engine. These remote procedures on the server execute a group of SQL statements. The network exchange consists of a single request/reply message. The SQL statements either all succeed or fail as a unit.

12. What is OLTP in client server environment?
In the transaction server, the client component usually includes GUI and the server components usually consists of SQL transactions against a database. These applications are called OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) OLTP Applications typically,
Receive a fixed set of inputs from remote clients.
Perform multiple pre-compiled SQL comments against a local database.
Commit the work and
Return a fixed set of results.

13. What are the five major technologies that can be used to create Client/Server applications in client server environment?
Database Servers
TP Monitors
Distributed Objects

14. What are General Middleware in client server environment?
It includes the communication stacks, distributed directories, authentication services, network time, RPC, Queuing services along with the network OS extensions such as the distributed file and print services.

15. What is Structured Query Langauge (SQL)?
SQL is a powerful set-oriented language which was developed by IBM research for the databases that adhere to the relational model. It consists of a short list of powerful, yet highly flexible, commands that can be used to manipulate information collected in tables. Through SQL, we can manipulate and control sets of records at a time.
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