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BI Interview: Business Intelligence Interview Questions and Answers (Part2)

11. Explain about Auditing in BO XI R2? What is the use of it?
Auditor is used by the business objects administrators to know the complete information of the business intelligence system.
? it monitors entire BIsystem at a glance.
? Analyzes usage and change impact
? optimises the BI deployment

12. How do we Tune the BO Reports for Performance Improvement?
We can tune the report by using index awareness in universe

13. Why we ca not create an aggregate on an ODS Object?
? Operational Data Store has very low data latency. Data moved to ODS mostly on event based rather than time based ETL to Data Warehouse/Data Mart.
? ODS is more closer to OLTP system. We don't normally prefer to store aggregated data in OLTP. So it is with ODS.
? Unlike data warehouse where data is HISTORICAL, ODS is near real time(NRT). So data aggregation is less important is ODS as data keeps changing.

14. What is hierarchy relationship in a dimension.
whether it is:
1. 1:1
2. 1:m
3. m:m
4. 1:M

15. How to connect GDE to Co Operating system in Abinitio?
We can connect Ab Initio GDE with Co>operating system using Run->Settings.In there u can specify the host IP address and the connection type .Refer Ab Initio help for further details.

16. Explain the Name of some standard Business Intelligence tools in the market?
Some of the standard Business Intelligence tools in the market According to there performance

17. What are the various modules in Business Objects product Suite?
Supervisor is the control center for the administration and security of your entire BusinessObjects deployment.
Designer is the tool used to create, manage and distribute universe for BusinessObjects and WebIntelligence Users. A universe is a file that containe connection parameters for one or more database middleware and SQL structure called objects that map to actual SQL structure in the database as columns,tables and database.
BusinessObjects Full client Reporting tool:
Helps to create businessobjects reports based on the universe and also from the other data sources.
BusinessObjects Thin client Reporting tool:
Helps to querry and analysis on the universe and also share the report among other users. It doesnt require any software, just need a webbrowser and the system connected to the businessobjetcs server.

Tool is used for monitor and analysis user and system activity.
Application Foundation:
This module covers a set of products which is used for Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The tools are
? Dashboard manager
? Scorecard
? Performance Management Applications

18. From where you Get the Logical Query of your Request?
The logical SQL generated by the server can be viewed in BI Answers. If I have not understood the question, Please raise your voice.

19. Major Challenges You Faced While Creating the RPD?
Every now and then there are problems with the database connections but the problem while creating the repository RPD files comes with complex schemas made on OLTP systems consisting of lot of joins and checking the results. Th type of join made need to be checked. By default it is inner join but sometimes the requirement demands other types of joins. There are lot of problems with the date formats also.

20. What are Global Filter and how thery differ From Column Filter?
Column filter- simply a filter applied on a column which we can use to restrict our column values while pulling the data or in charts to see the related content.
Global filter- Not sure. I understand this filter will have impact on across the application but I really dont understand where and how it can be user. I heard of global variables but not global filters.
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