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40 TOP Silk Test Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download

Below are some important Silk Test interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

1. What is SilkTest?
SilkTest is a software testing automation tool developed by Segue Software, Inc.

2. What is the Segue Testing Methodology?
Segue testing methodology is a six-phase testing process:
1. Plan – Determine the testing strategy and define specific test requirements.
2. Capture – Classify the GUI objects in your application and build a framework for running your tests.
3. Create – Create automated, reusable tests. Use recording and/ or programming to build test scripts written in Segue’s 4Test language.
4. Run – Select specific tests and execute them against the AUT.
5. Report – Analyze test results and generate defect reports.
6. Track – Track defects in the AUT and perform regression testing.

3. What is AUT?
AUT stands for Application Under Test.

4. What is SilkTest Host?
SilkTest Host is a SilkTest component that manages and executes test scripts. SilkTest Host usually runs on a separate machine different than the machine where AUT (Application Under Test) is running.

5. What is SilkTest Agent?
SilkTest Agent is a SilkTest component that receives testing commands from the SilkTest Host and interacts with AUT (Application Under Test) directly. SilkTest Agent usually runs on the same machine where AUT is running.

6. What is 4Test?
4Test is a test scripting language used by SilkTest to compose test scripts to perform automated tests. 4Test is an object-oriented fourth-generation language. It consists of 3 sets of functionalities:
1. A robust library of object-oriented classes and methods that specify how a testcase can interact with an application’s GUI objects.
2. A set of statements, operators and data types that you use to introduce structure and logic to a recorded testcase.
3. A library of built-in functions for performing common support tasks.

7.What is the DOM browser extension?
Document Object Model (DOM) browser extension is a SilkTest add-on component for testing Web applications. DOM browser extension communicates directly with the Web browser to recognize, categorize and manipulate objects on a Web page. It does this by working with the actual HTML code, rather than relying on the visual pattern recognition techniques currently employed by the Virtual Object (VO) extension.

8. What is the VO browser extension?
Virtual Object (VO) browser extension is a SilkTest add-on component for testing Web applications. VO browser extension uses sophisticated pattern recognition techniques to identify browser-rendered objects. The VO extension sees Web pages as they appear visually; it does not read or recognize HTML tags in the Web application code. Instead, the VO extension sees the objects in a Web page; for example, links, tables, images and compound controls the way that you do, regardless of the technology behind them.

9. What is SilkTest project?
A SilkTest project is a collection of files that contains required information about a test project.

10. How to create a new SilkTest project?
1. Run SilkTest.
2. Select Basic Workflow bar.
3. Click Open Project on the Workflow bar.
4. Select New Project.
5. Double click Create Project icon in the New Project dialog box
6. One the Create Project dialog box, enter your project name, and your project description.
7. Click OK.
8. SilkTest will create a new subdirectory under SilkTest project directory, and save all files related to the new project under that subdirectory.
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