Tuesday, 10 February 2015

25 TOP Network Security Interview Questions and Answers pdf

Below are some important Network Security interview questions which are asked in most MNC company interviews for beginners or professionals.

1. How to you keep yourself updated on network security -or- Where do you get updates on security?
This type of question is meant to see the interest of the candidate in keeping abreast in the field of network security. If the candidate puts up a blank face, it is time to call next candidate. One can specify “news alerts” or any website(s) s/he checks out for latest information about security.

2. If you need to encrypt and compress data for transmission, how would you achieve it?
The candidate may start explaining what is data encryption, how s/he would encrypt the data and then compress it for transmission. However, the actual answer would be to explain how to compress and then talk about encryption. Encrypting compressed data often leads to loss of data.

3. What factors would you consider before deploying a web intrusion detection system?
An open question, the interviewer is trying to assess the knowledge of candidate in different fields associated with web intrusion. These include: SSL; HTTP protocol; logging; alert mechanism; and signature update policies.

4. What is Cross site scripting?
Though the answer is straightforward, most candidates are unaware of the term. One of the most important security issues, cross scripting refers to phishing attempts by a website that employs a java script that leads to deploying a malware without the knowledge of user.

5. How does the HTTP handle state?
The answer is that HTTP cannot handle states. However, there is a hack. It employs use of cookies to handle the state.
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