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TOP Swing Interview Questions and Answers

61. What is Canvas ?
Canvas is bassically a Component of the subclass which is used for drawing and painting. Canvas is a rectangular area where the application can draw or trap input events.

62. What is default Look-and-Feel of a Swing Component?
Java Look-and-Feel is the default Look-and-Feel of the Swing Component.

63. What are the features of JFC?
Mainly features are there :
> Pluggable Look-and-Feel,
> Accessibility API,
> Java 2D API,
> Drag and
> Drop Support.

64. What does x mean in javax.swing?
x mean in javax.swing is that :
> Extension of java.

65. What are invisible components?
Invisible components are bassically light weight components, Which is perform no painting, but can take space in the GUI. This is mainly used for layout management.

66. What is the default layout for a ContentPane in JFC?
The Defaulf Layout for the ConteutPane in JFC is that :
> BorderLayout.

67. What does Realized mean?
Realized mean bassically is  component, Which has been painted on screen or that is ready to be painted. Realization can take place by invoking any of these methods. Which are following as :
> SetVisible(true),
> Show() or
> Pack().

68. What is difference between Swing and JSF? 
Many diff are there which is folowing here :
> The key difference is that JSF runs on server, It needs a server like Tomcat or WebLogic or WebSphere. It displays HTML to the client.  But Swing program is a stand alone application.

69. Why does JComponent class have add() and remove() methods but Component class does not?
JComponent is a subclass of Container and can contain other components and JComponents.

70. What method is used to specify a container's layout? 
The SetLayout() method is bassically used to specify a container's layout.
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