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Research Methodology Part4 Interview Questions and Answers

16. What is the topical method of research?
A topical research project involves the acquisition, synthesis, organization and presentation of information.

17. What do I need to consider when doing topical research?
Prepare your research questions in advance: What kinds of information do you want to know?
Consider many different forms of information sources: Online websites, paper-based sources such as encyclopedias, journals, magazines and newspapers.
If the case study is of a person who can be interviewed, review the following:
Prepare your interview questions in advance, and share them with the participant(s).
Tape record, or videotape record the interview.
Do not be afraid to ask questions if they arise during the interview, even if you did not have them listed before the interview.
After the interview, you will need to transcribe (copy) exactly what was said during the interview. This can be a very slow, and timing consuming process, but it is critical that you copy exactly what was said.
After you have copied out the interview, replay the interview again and compare it to your notes. Make any corrections necessary.
Share the written copy of the interview with the participant to make sure that they agree with, and affirm the contents of the interview.

18. What are the issues, or concerns in conducting topical research studies?
Completeness of information recorded is critical to gain a complete understanding of the topic. Have I checked every conceivable resource for information?
Because of the variety of information sources, be sure that you have reviewed all of the issues or concerns for each of the research types.
Bias. Did I “add” to what I observed by presuming or assuming something that was not written about, spoken by or observed during the research?
Would someone else who had not researched the topic be able to get a clear, correct picture of what the topic was all about by reading your report?
Confidentiality. If you have interviewed or case studied an individual connected with the topic, be sure you have asked for their permission to be studied, and that they are aware of the purpose and intended audience of the report.

19. What is the experimental method of research?
Experimental researchers manipulate variables, randomly assign participants to various conditions and seek to control other influences.

20. What is the survey method of research?
Conducting research using a survey involves going out and asking questions about the phenomenon of interest.
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