Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pascal Questions and Answers Part8

36. Will Delphi32 do DOS programs as well as Windows?
 Ans: Delphi32 is for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It is not a DOS product. It
will create 32-bit console mode apps, but it will not create DOS apps.

37. Should standard Pascal be used without extentions?
Ans: Delphi32 is for Windows 95 and Windows NT. It is not a DOS product. It
will create 32-bit console mode apps, but it will not create DOS apps.

38. What are the basic features of Pascal?
 Ans: Pascal is a structured language, using if-then-else, while, repeat-until, and for-to/downto control structures. It differs primarily from proceeding languages in that data structures were also included, with records (a feature borrowed from COBOL), arrays, files, sets and pointers.
Pascal is also unusual for forging an effective compromise between language simplicity, power, and matching of language structures to underlying machine implementation.
Pascal also has many features for compiler writers. The language is constructed to have a minimum of ambiguity. Pascal, with few exceptions, can be processed "forward" with all of the smaller elements (like constants, types, etc) being defined before they are used. Pascal requires the types and exact sizes of operands to be known before they are operated on, again leading to simplified language processing and efficient output code (although this feature has often been called a problem). For this reason, Pascal still remains a popular language to implement compilers for as part of a compiler science class.

39. Can IP Pascal compile my Turbo/think/MWP Program?
 Ans: A few Turbo Pascal "units" that aid program porting have been created, and these have shown to dramatically simplify porting from that language. Similar procedures will be used for other Pascals. However, these are just rapid porting aids, and these Pascals do not enjoy full language compatibility. There will always be a minimum amount of work required to change programs to work under IP. Further, porting using these units won't give you a program that takes advantage of the features of IP, and I consider it to be only a step in the process of fully porting a program to IP.
IPs main focus is to be a language that is not tied to any operating system or hardware, and IP will, therefore, always be unable to fully emulate the machine dependent features of many Pascal implementations. The failure of many Pascals that are single machine based has shown that the future lies in very portable Pascal languages and compilers.

40. What is the lifetime of IP Pascal?
 Ans: upport for the product. IP Pascal will be supported by email, web site, and usenet forum without charges or restrictions. Emails will be typically answered within 48 hours.
Because this support model does not require hiring large support staffs (and then firing them later as demand decreases), there is no plans to limit or charge for support.
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