Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Latest VSAM Part6 Interview Questions and Answers

51. What is the COBOL RECORD KEY clause?
The RECOED KEY in the SELECT clause identifies the files primary key as it will be known to the program.

52. In the COBOL SELECT statement what is the ORGANIZATION for a KSDS?

53. What is the base cluster?
The base cluster consists of the data component and the index component for the primary index of a KSDS.

54. What is free space?
Free space is reserved within the data component of a KSDS to accommodate inserting new records.

55. What is a path?
A path is a file that allows you to access a file by alternate index - the path provides an association between the AIX and the base cluster.

56. What is a CI, control interval?
A control interval is the unit of information that VSAM transfers between virtual and auxilliary storage.

57. What is a CA, control area?
A group of control intervals makes up a control area.

58. What is the index set?
This is the other part of the index. It has multiple levels with pointers that ultimately reach to the sequence set.

59. What is the catalog?
The catalog contains the name of all datasets. VSAM and non-VSAM. It is used to access these datasets.

60. What is the purpose of the FILE STATUS clause in the SELECT statement?
The FILE STATUS field identifies the field that VSAM uses to provide information about each I/O operation for the file.

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