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Latest SEO Interview Questions and Answers

11. What is Anchor Text?
Anchor text is a clickable hyperlink that is also known as link text, link label and link title. The keyword contained in the anchor text would increase the ranking of a webpage that receives the incoming link.

12. What are_Organc Results?
The page views come directly through SERP and not through any Off Page Optimization is known as organic reults.

13. What is GoogIebot?
Googlebot is the search bot software used by Google to index a webpage. Crawling, Caching and indexing of a webpage happen through this Googlebot by collecting details from that webpage.

14. What are meta tags?
There are several Meta tags used in HTML but the top four tags that are used for SEQ are Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords and Robot tags.

15. What is Meta Title?
Title is the most important factors for a good SEO of a webpage. These tags should be located within head section. These tags should tell some useful information about that page. A good title tag should contain 6o characters.
These titles would appear on the SERP for your website along with the Meta description of that page. Google won’t penalize your page if it contains title with more than 6o characters and it skips the remaining characters. If a web page doesn’t contain title tag means Google would select the Hi tag as title or it will provide the title by its own.
Always write title tag for the page and not for SEO, if you stuff keywords in you title then Google won’t rank your webpage.

16. What is Meta Description?
A description tag should describe a webpage and it should contain keywords but don’t stuff all the keywords. Meaningless description would affect your webpage. A description tag should contain 150 - i6o characters. If you provide meaningless or empty description, Google would take the description from the content available in that page.

17. What are_Meta_Keywords? 
In early days Meta keywords are the least important tag for Search engine like Google. But it is an easy way to tell our important keywords to search engine. Meta keywords should contain less than 250 characters.
Now Google won’t consider Meta keywords as one of the ranking factor.

18. What is White Hat Seo? 
White Hat Seo is one of th&SFJtechrnquès that a Search engine always likes. Usage of SEQ techniques, tricks and tactics by following search engine rules and regulations, algorithm and policies are known as White Hat SEQ.

19. What is Black Hat Seo.
Black Hat SEQ or Negative SEQ is a common term for doing SEQ Spamming Techniques. Usage of SEQ by not following policies and regulations of search engine is called as black hat seo. Some of the black hat seo techniques are :
• Providing Low Quality content or duplicate content on the page Getting backlinks from spammed or adult sites.
• Giving keyword stuffed content on the page with background color
• Getting too much backlinks from a single page with different anchor text that targets a single page of your website.
• C1oaking
• Google Bowling etc

20. What is difference between crawling and caching?
Crawling is the one time activity while caching is the repetitive activity.
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