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Latest SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers (Part4)

31. Is it possible to default certain values for particular fields? 
For e.g.
company code.
Yes it is possible to default values for certain fields where a parameter id is present.
Step 1 Go to the input field to which you want to make defaults.
Step 2 Press F1, then click technical info push button. This would open a window that displays the corresponding parameter id (if one has been allocated to the field) in the field data section.
Step 3 Enter this parameter id using the following path on SAP Easy access screen System ??User profile ??Own data.
Step 4 Click on parameter tab. Enter the parameter id code and enter the value you want as default. Save the usersettings.

32. Which is the default exchange rate type which is picked up for all SAP transactions?
The default exchange rate type picked up for all SAP transactions is M(average rate)

33. Is it possible to configure the system to pick up a different exchange rate type for a particular transaction?
Yes it is possible. In the document type definition of GL, you need to attach a different exchange rate type.

34. What are the master data pre-requisites for document clearing?
The Gl Account must be managed as an ‘open item management’ . This checkbox is there in the General Ledger Master Record called Open Item Management. It helps you to manage your accounts in terms of cleared and uncleared items. A typical example would be GR/IR Account in SAP (Goods Received/Invoice Received Account)

35. Explain the importance of the GR/IR clearing account.
GR/IR is an interim account. In the legacy system of a client if the goods are received and the invoice is not received the provision is made for the same.
In SAP at the Goods receipt stage the system passes an accounting entry debiting the Inventory and crediting the GR/IR Account .Subsequently when an invoice is recd this GR/IR account is debited and the Vendor account is credited. That way till the time that the invoice is not received the GR/IR is shown as uncleared items.

36. How many numbers of line items in one single entry you can have?
The number of line items in one document you can accommodate is 999 lines.

37. A Finance Document usually has an assignment field. This field automatically gets populated during data entry. Where does it get its value?
This value comes from the Sort key entered in the Gl master record.

38. How do you maintain the number range in Production environment?
Do you directly create it in the Production box or do you do it by means of transport?
Number range is to be created in the production client. You can transport it also by way of request but creating in the production client is more advisable.

39. In customizing “company code productive “means what? What does it denote?
Once the company code is live(real time transactions have started) this check box helps prevents deletion of many programs accidentally. This check box is activated just before go live.

40. What is done by GR/IR regrouping program?
The balance in a GR/IR account is basically because of 2 main types of transactions.
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