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Informatica Reportnet Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Download

31. Difference between filter and conditin
The difference between Filter and Condition:Condition returns true or false Ex: if Country = 'India' then ...Filter will return two types of results1.Detail information which is equal to where clause in SQL statement2.Summary information which is equal to Group by and Having clause in SQL statement.

32. Can report net connect multiple datasource at a time in report creation time
Yes it can connect multiple datasources at a time when the frame work manager has the metta data regarding that datasources.

33. How can i test report in reportnet
If we wanna test the report in report net, first we can intially check by validating it in the report page.After that we can test the out put of the report Using a sql anlyser and sql here we will be comparing the sql analyzer output with the output of the report viewer.

34. What are the various file formats involved in reportnet?
It has six (6) formats in report net. They are HTML, PDF, Excel 2000, Excel 2002, CSV, and XML format. We can see the types of formats in the report viewer on the right side .

35. How to generate IQD file from framework manager
Create a Query Subject, from the properties pane select externalise,there we have 4 options in that select IQD

36. What is meant by Junk Dimension?
The junk dimension is simply a structure that provides a convenient place to store the junk attributes".It's randomly used dimension.

37. what are semi and non additive measures..
1.Semi-Additive: Semi-additive facts are facts that can be summed up for some of the dimensions in the fact table, but not the others.
2.Non-Additive: Non-additive facts are facts that cannot be summed up for any of the dimensions present in the fact table. Current Balance and Profit Margin are the facts.
Current Balance is a semi-additive fact, as it makes sense to add them up for all accounts (what's the total current balance for all accounts in the bank?), but it does not make sense to add them up through time (adding up all current balances for a given account for each day of the month does not give us any useful information). Profit Margin is a non-additive fact, for it does not make sense to add them up for the account level or the day level.

38. What is catalog and types of catalogs in cagonos and which is better?
catalog is a data base and also frient hand data base. types of catalog is 4 tyes
2. secured

39. what is difference between PAGE BREAK and Section Report?
Section-section is eliminate the duplicate recod.but report looking separate bluck.setpagebreak means to display the reports in onepage. eg. suppose u create a list report ordermethod,orderyear,revenue when u create section on will eliminate the duplicate record.but when u apply the set display in fax reports in onepage,email reports in another page.this in cognos 8 querystudio.But in report studio you can do using propetispan.

40. use this query i am retriving all years OCt data from 01-10-2004 to 30-10-2007
i need to restrect this query to current date and current year
[gosales_goretailers].[Orders].[Order month]between 01 and to_number(to_char(current_date,'MM'))and [gosales_goretailers].[Orders].[Order month]=to_number(to_char(current_date,'MM'))
pass polar ID
A.You have a function called 'extract' in cognos.
Ex:- extract(month,the dte field). by giving like this you will get month. so you can keep a filter to restrict the rows only for october.
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