Saturday, 31 January 2015

Guide to TIBCO Learning: TIBCO interview Questions

46.What are the output formats for XSLT?

47 What are the TIBCO BW activities that can participate in transactions?
There are some specific TIBCO BW activities are supported in transaction not all.
•  JDBC activities
•  EJB activities
•  JMS activities
•  ActiveEnterprise Adapter activities that use JMS transports
•  TIBCO iProcess BusinessWorks Connector activities

48.What is the Purpose of $_error variable ?
$_error variable is available in the node following the error transition. It captures the error message, error code etc.

49.What are the cases where business process cant proceed correctly subsequent to restart from a checkpoint ?
Sending HTTP response, confirming an email/jms message etc. This is because the confirmation or sending HTTP response has to done in the same session. When engine crashes these sessions are closed at their socket level. In such cases send response/confirm before checkpoint.

50.Which group do you use to wait for multiple events and proceed with the first to occur ?
A 'Pick First Group'.
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