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Competency Based Interview Questions for Hiring SEO(Part4)

31. What are out bound Links?
An outbound-link (OBL) or outgoing link is a link from your website or webpage to another website or webpage.

32. What is the difference between search engine marketing and Internet marketing?
Search Engine Marketing is specific to marketing your brand/service/products through search engines. It can be in the form of organic search results where landing pages are aimed for higher ranking, or in paid search results, where ads are aimed to display at maximum exposure for targeted keywords at minimal cost possible.
Internet marketing covers a broader range of channels. It includes search engine marketing, email marketing / EDM, social media, and so on.

33. What is your favorite SEO website/blog, and why?
This is an open ended question. There were some that I were looking for but I was also hoping soemone would tell me a few that I didn't know about.
SeoMoz,,, and
Search Engine Roundtable are a few good ones. There are actually a lot more.

34. What is Pagination in SEO?
Pagination is the practice of dividing a piece of content into different pages while at the same time allowing Google to better understand the important pages to be indexed. Read the Google's advice on using the pagination.

35. What are top SEO ranking factors? 
Quality of content on the webpage, quality and quantity of backlinks to the webpage, anchor text used in the backlinks, domain authority, social sharing metrics and some other traffic metrics like page CTR, bounce rate and average time on the webpage.

36. How to achieve good CTR in PPC?
Here are few things that need to be kept in mind for CTR
-> Target your ads to right audience
-> Select correct keyword matching
-> See that you target your ads by location and language
-> Create different Ad Groups for different search phrases/keywords
-> Calculate how much you can afford for the day
-> Test your ads on daily basis, change if you don`t get any response from users
-> Give google users a good reason to click your ad

37. What is pay per click? Which internet marketing model does it follow?
‘Pay per click’ , also known as ‘cost per click’ is a form of internet advertising which is used for directing traffic to websites. In this advertisers pay the site owners or publishers for the ads being viewed or click. Pay per click introduces a simple strategy of marketing in which an advertiser pays the website for publishing his advertisement and getting people to view it by clicking it, the more the views are for the advertisement, better is the revenue generated by the website from advertisement. Generally ‘pay per click’ is used by advertisers on keyword phrases relevant to their target markets. Content sites generally charge a fixed amount per click rather than using a bidding system. ‘Pay per click’ advertisements are commonly displayed on websites and search engine results.‘Pay per click’ is an approach that differs from the ‘pay per impression’ methods used in television and newspaper advertising.

38. Where do you put your robots.txt?
a) Search for it in Google
b) In Webmaster Tools
c) The root directory of your domain or subdomain(s)
d) In the folder you want to disallow

39. Did you know what is the difference between targeted page & landing page?
Page which we have targeted to rank that page known as targeted page and the page which has ranked in search engine called landing page.

40. What is google Sandbox ?
Google Sandbox is an imaginary area where new and less authoritative sites are kept for a specified time period until they establish themselves of being displayed on the search results. It happens by building too many links within a short period of time.
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