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Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download

6. How do you handle stress/pressure?
Following are some sample answers to this interview question:
• I know stress is an important issue at work. Any employee is supposed to face with this issue and any job poses threat of stress to some extent. I have prepared myself very well for this issue. I know many measures to balance the pace at work while maintaining a certain level of stress to keep motivated at work.
• Well, at work, I don’t talk about stress, instead, about situations. I behave in accordance with the situation I am in. You may call some situations as stressful, but I will only tell you that such situations are more challenging and require more of me to fulfill.
• I work better under pressure, fortunately. Perhaps I am more suitable to stressful job as I love challenging responsibilities.

7. How will your greatest strength help you perform?
It is good to look at sample interview questions about your greatest strength while preparing for an interview and work out the most suitable and effective answers for you beforehand. Following the below sample answers will greatly help you with that.

8. Describe a time when your workload was heavy?
Following are some sample answers to this question:
• During the time while I was still working for HKL factory. The factory received a special order of a huge number of j-ball bearings. That was quite a sudden increase in quantity that we had to manufacture in a short period of time. However, as the client was a new but very potential one and we couldn’t afford to lose this one, we had sit down together, me, the production supervisor, the supply manager, and labor union representatives. In several days, we had developed an ultimate plan to maximize the productivity, utilize to the max the supply of materials, and keep the workers working for a moderate number of hours. Under such a pressure, but all of us agreed to cooperate very closely to complete the order.
• I remembered when I was still working for ABC company, the time when it was planning to take over another company. there was much work to do, dealing with internal workforce, workforce of the acquired company, cultural differences, maintaining the relationship with clients. That was quite a stressful situation, however, we managed to get over it very successfully.

9. How will you achieve your goals?
Basing on this question the interviewer wants to know how you plan on achieving your goals for the future and what you are going to accomplish. In order to respond to it you could see examples of good responses included:
• I have intention to acquire additional skills by taking part in relevant class to the job and keeping my involvement with various professional associations.
• I see myself that FPT Corporation is going to offer in-house training for employees and I would prefer to attend related classes to enhance my skills.
• Taking participation in conferences, seminars, meetings and upholding my education will be effective ways to continue my professional development.

10. How did you handle challenges?
Remember to tell your concrete examples in which you handled an extreme difficult circumstance when you answer the interview question “How did you handle a challenge?” Tell how you found out the problem and the way you resolved solution. Below are some examples for perfect answers:
• In a difficult financial time, I could satisfy multiple vendors by discussing repayment schedules.
• I cooperated with the team which brought the schedule back to the right place when the software development of our new product was prevented. We were successful in overcoming with the matters and resolving the problems, within a short duration of time.
• A long-term customer intended to bring their business to a competitor. I met the customer and told him the way we would change to resolve daily issues in order to maintain the business.
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