Thursday, 29 January 2015

Basic SAS Programming Interview Questions and Answers

41. Do you need to know if there are any missing values?
A) Just use: missing_values=MISSING(field1,field2,field3);
This function simply returns 0 if there aren't any or 1 if there are missing values.If you need to know how many missing values you have then use num_missing=NMISS(field1,field2,field3);
You can also find the number of non-missing values with non_missing=N (field1,field2,field3);

42. What are the validation tools in SAS?
A) For dataset: Data set name/debugData set: name/stmtchk
For macros: Options:mprint mlogic symbolgen.

43. How can you put a "trace" in your program?
A) ODS Trace ON, ODS Trace OFF the trace records.
How would you code a merge that will keep only the observations that have matches from both data sets?
 Using "IN" variable option. Look at the following example.
data three;
merge one(in=x) two(in=y);
by id;
if x=1 and y=1;

data three;
merge one(in=x) two(in=y);
by id;
if x and y;

44. What are input dataset and output dataset options?
A) Input data set options are obs, firstobs, where, in output data set options compress, reuse.Both input and output dataset options include keep, drop, rename, obs, first obs.

45. What is SAS GRAPH?
A) SAS/GRAPH software creates and delivers accurate, high-impact visuals that enable decision makers to gain a quick understanding of critical business issues.
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