Friday, 30 January 2015

Basic Hyperion Interview Questions and Answers

25. Can we run on the same machine two instances of the same Essbase server and each one will have the test environment and the development environment?
A:We will respond with yes, because we can have two instances of Essbase with various sets of services on the same machine.

26.  If we have A as the dimension and B,C as members of it how can we stop b and c from rolling up to A?
A: We can do it with (~)exclude of the consolidation operator.

27. What is the role of the never consolidate operator(^)?
A: It stops member from becoming consolidate on all dimensions.

28.  Is it possible to have several metaoutlines in the Integration services that are built on a single OLAP model?
A: The answer is yes.

29.  Is it possible to have a metaoutline built on two separate OLAP models?
A: No, it’s not possible.

30. What is the true meaning of a hybrid analysis?
A: The members with a higher level along with the data associated will stay in the Essbase database while the members of a smaller level and their associated data will live in the relational database.
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