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50 TOP Tibco Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download

1.What is TIBCO?
Tibco is an organization which provides Intergration software to software industry.

2.If you have installed a particular version of TIBCO software e.g. TIBCO BW X.Y.Z, What are X, Y and Z number stands for?
Integration can be at different application layers:

3.What is the role of TRA?
TRA stands for TIBCO Runtime Agent.
The TRA has two main functions:
Supplies an agent that is running in the background on each machine.
1. The agent is responsible for starting and stopping processes that run on a machine according to the deployment information.
2. The agent monitors the machine. That information is then visible via TIBCO Administrator.
Supplies the run-time environment, that is, all shared libraries including third-party libraries.

4.What are the resources that gets included in the EAR file, created by the TIBCO Designer?
An EAR file can contain local project resources, LibraryBuilder resources, and files as specified in AliasLibrary resources. In addition, the TIBCO Designer classpath may include references to other files that are included in the EAR file.

5.What are the revision control system options available in TIBCO designer?
File sharing
XML Canon
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